Application Information

Who Can be a Teacher ?

  • ​​Fluent in spoken and written English

    • Having the skills of a native English speaker

  • ​Confident in speaking, leading discussions, and encouraging participation from students

  • Must also be able to communicate in Basic Thai

  • Have public speaking experience

  • Have experience using English in communicating with international people

  • Can use Thai as a means of communication (listening to the students, speaking basic phrases to them)

  • Have some experience in leading discussions or group work

  • Passionate about making a change for education for students

  • In university or have graduated

  • Contribute to the community by volunteering to teach English to students who are eager to learn

  • Provide educational opportunities for students

  • Meet and work with like-minded individuals passionate about advancing education in Thailand

  • Sharpen your skills in leading discussions and facilitating the class online

  • Raise awareness to global topics students may not be aware of, such as climate change, human rights, and social movements

  • A certificate of completion commending you for your hard work with us after you finish volunteering

How to apply
How to apply
Class Types

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How to apply
Before you apply
The Application Process
  • Fill in the application form.

  • Selected applicants will be contacted for a short and friendly phone interview with our core team.

  • Selected volunteer teachers will be announced.

  • Attend an online class to observe.

  • Attend the Teacher Training Session.

  • Watch training videos.

  • Download the teaching materials sent to you by email.

  • You’re ready to teach!